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Schneide- und Plattensäge

The study of materials in geology often forces to collect thin sections or slice samples on their object holders before lapping or polishing, for examination in optical microscopy, microphotography, spectrometry, microprobe, scanning or transmission microscopy.

The slicing machine 1 02 15 is made to saw off the samples bonded on their glass sample holder. The final thickness is limited only by the fragility of the material to be cut. A levelling at 100 microns is easily obtained from samples bonded on permanent or temporary glass sample holders.

The machine uses diamond discs Ø175 for all rocks and straight rocks.



  • Three phase 230V or 400V 50 Hz
  • Power output: 1 kW

Cut mode

Sensitive on a dive. The disc descent is controlled manually. A shock absorber prevents blows while maintaining assessment of penetration effort.


  • By incorporated recycling group
  • Capacity 25 litres

Structure of the machine

  • Very rigid cast iron frame.
  • Easy to equip part support plate.
  • None of the devices for moving the workpiece and measuring the thickness are in contact with the watering.
  • No corrosion.

Keeping of parts

In geology: by means of a device to maintain the vacuum of the object-carrying blades ensuring a fast and precise positioning.

Thickness adjustment

Screw controlled by max travel micrometer 30 mm.

Adjustment accuracy: 0.01 mm


Ready-to-use machine, delivered with:

  • Mixed sample holder
  • Disc holder assembly Ø 175 mm
  • 1 disc for incoming rock Ø 175 mm
  • Integrated suction system
  • Comes with support cabinet with storage drawer
  • incorporating the recycling group

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